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Dentistry is a challenging career, with many opportunities for career advancement in various fields. Find out more about this profession and the future it holds for you by reading on Career FAQs. 

Dental professionals are trained to provide oral health care to individuals. They practise as general dental practitioners and may choose to specialise in a particular field of Dentistry.

Dental nurses are auxiliaries who complement dental professionals in providing oral healthcare in the public sector. Other dental auxiliaries, namely dental technologists and dental surgery assistants are trained to assist dental professionals in their daily duties.

This section aims to provide an overview of the career opportunities that are available and the requirements needed for entry into these professions.

Remember, only in dentistry is medicine, engineering and art closely related.

Career Opportunities

A host of career opportunities is available for a dental graduate. He may choose to work with the Ministry of Health, the universities, the armed forces, the Orang Asli Affairs Department or in private practice.


Ministry Of Health

Government dental officers provide oral healthcare to all sectors of the community through various facilities, which include dental clinics and hospitals. These officers may choose to specialise in various clinical and public health disciplines, or may be promoted to various senior clinical or administrative positions.



Working in the universities entails both teaching and research. This can provide the opportunity to pursue a particular field of interest. Those who join the university as tutors may later be promoted to become senior lecturers or professors after gaining postgraduate qualifications.


Ministry Of Defence

A dental officer in the Armed Forces holds the rank of Captain (Dr). After 4 years, the dental officer is automatically promoted to Major (Dr.)
On completion of his postgraduate studies in clinical or public health specialties, the dental officer can be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and later Colonel, Brigadier General and Major General. This, however, is subject to available vacancies and recommendations from the Head of Department.


Department of Orang Asli Affairs

A clinic in Gombak, Selangor provides services to inpatients, government servants and nearby residents in addition to the Orang Asli in the settlement. Mobile health services provide oral healthcare to Orang Asli settlements throughout Peninsular Malaysia.


Private Dental Practice

Dentists who have served three years compulsory government service have the option to set up their own clinic or join a group practice in the private sector.

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