Oral Health Facilities

The Ministry of Health has established a comprehensive network of oral healthcare facilities. The various types of dental facilities available are as follows:

Main Dental Clinic
This is a clinic manned by dental officers, dental nurses and other personnel. All main dental clinics provide outpatient care. Some main clinics in state capitals provide specialist care in orthodontics and periodontology.
Main Dental Clinic

One of our main dental clinics available to the public, Klinik Pergigian Besar Kuala Pilah.

Dental Clinic in a Health Centre
This dental clinic forms part of a health clinic complex. Oral healthcare services are provided as part of the integrated outpatient health services, which also include medical and family health services.
Dental Clinic in a Health Centre

A dental clinic is located within the complex to complement the health centre, Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Keroh.

School Dental Clinic
These facilities are located in selected primary and secondary government schools. Oral healthcare services are provided to the school children by dental nurses, under the supervision of dental officers.
School Dental Clinic

The school services team comprises of mostly dental nurses would be providing oral healthcare for both primary and secondary school children.

School Dental Centre
This is a separate building within the school compound or in the vicinity of a cluster of schools which it serves. School Dental Centre

A visiting team would be providing oral healthcare to school dental centres serving a cluster of schools.

Mobile Dental Team
The mobile dental team delivers oral healthcare services to school children, even to those in remote areas of the country. The team provides services using portable equipment. Mobile Dental Team

A mobile dental team in action.

Mobile Dental Clinic
The mobile dental clinic is a “dental clinic on wheels”. It is used in schools where space is limited and for community projects. Mobile Dental Clinic

A mobile dental clinic providing oral healthcare services.

Pre-school Mobile Dental Team
Pre-school mobile teams carry out oral health promotion and preventive activities in pre-school classes and kindergartens. Children who require treatment are either treated in the schools or referred to the nearest dental clinic. Pre-school Mobile Dental Team

A dental staff nurse giving instructions to pre-school children.

Dental Specialist Clinic
These dental specialities are either hospital- or community-based. The oral surgeon provides specialist care in the oral and facial area. The paediatric dental specialist provides specialist care for children. Orthodontic, Periodontic and Restorative dental specialist services are mostly located at main dental clinics. These specialists except the Paediatric dental specialists treat patients from various age groups. Dental Specialist Clinic

A hospital based Dental Specialist clinic, Hospital Selayang.

Other Facilities
Dental clinics are also located in other establishments such as the Police Training Centre, prisons and educational institutions.

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