Community Oral Healthcare


The focus of Community Oral Healthcare is on prevention of caries and oral cancer. These include Fluoridation, School-Based Fissure Sealant and Primary Prevention and Early Detection of Oral Pre-Cancer and Cancer Programme.


Fluoridation of public water supplies is a community preventive programme to reduce tooth decay and was accepted as a government policy in 1972. As of the year 2006, a total of 273 water treatment plants have been supplied with fluoride feeders, benefiting 73.9% of the population. The programme is being consolidated and expanded. The existing, extensive piped water supply, together with the co-operation between the Ministry of Health and various water authorities has contributed significantly towards the success of the programme.

Fissure Sealant

This School-Based Fissure Sealant Programme is a clinical preventive programme aimed at preventing dental caries. It was implemented nationwide in 1999. Under this programme, fissure sealants are applied to permanent molars in children at risk for occlusal caries.

Oral Cancer

The Primary Prevention and Early Detection of Oral Pre-cancer and Cancer Programme, targeting groups at risk, was first launched in 1996. It was reviewed and strengthened in 2002. The aim of this programme is to raise awareness on risk factors associated with oral cancer, to educate individuals to detect early signs and symptoms and to carry out screening.

Detect Oral Cancer Early – You can make a difference!

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