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How is the promotion process implemented in MOH?

Promotion would be conducted by the Human Resources Division , Ministry of Health Malaysia .

In 2010 , the Prime Minister announced improvements in career path Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Officers in the Ministry of Health Malaysia to accelerate the promotion period .

Promotion period for Dental Officer to Grade U54 is 12 years while the promotion for Dental Specialist to U54 grade is 9 years.

  • For Dental Officer , one should be in a grade for a particular period or subject to vacancies , whichever is earlier ;
  • For Dental Specialist , one should be in a grade for a particular period or subject to vacancies , whichever is earlier.

Promotion decisions are subject to the approval of the Promotion Board , Ministry of Health ;

  • For Dental Officer , promotion from Grade 54 to Grade C and above are subject to vacancies ;
  • For Dental Specialist , promotion from Grade 54 to Special Grade C and above are based on the recommendations of Expertise Assessment Panel of Health.

For more information about the promotion, please visit:



Post Graduate Specialization


Various Dental Specialties are offered and recognized by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. As of 2012, the following are recognized as specialties


How many dental disciplines are considered as dental specialty in Malaysia?

As of 2012, the following are recognized as specialties

i -Oral Surgery
ii -Orthodontics
iii -Periodontics
iv -Paediatric Dentistry v -Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology
vi -Restorative Dentistry
vii – Dental Public Health
viii – Forensic Odontologyix – Special Needs Dentistry

Are there scholarships for postgraduate studies and who are those eligible to apply?

The Ministry of Health offers limited number of scholarships to our dental officers each year. The advertisement is issued by the Training Management Division , Ministry of Health and will be circulated to the whole country. Usually, officers are required to finish their compulsory service and must be confirmed in service at the time of application. Officers are also required to have good marks in their annual appraisals. Details may change each year so make sure you read the advertisement carefully before you apply.

Will all applicants be called for an interview?

All applications will be shortlisted and only applicants who fulfill the requirements as advertised shall be called for the interview.

 Will all those who undergo clinical postgraduate training be conferred the title 'specialist' automatically once they finish their studies?

No, they must undergo gazettement period of at least 6 months under a supervising specialist and be gazetted before they can be considered as specialists themselves.

What other benefits do these clinical specialists receive besides from the specialist allowance?

Clinical dental specialists who have been gazetted have a better chance of getting promoted to higher grades compared to other dental officer.



Placement Transfer


How long till an employee may apply for an transfer?

First Year Dental Officer (FYDOs) are to complete FYDO training and placed in the country in their second year before they may transfer out of states.

How does one apply for a transfer?

There are two procedures.

For internal transfer: Please refer to local Pejabat Kesihatan Pergigian Daerah further information.

For out of states transfer:

i-Fill the transfering form. You may obtain said forms from Pejabat Kesihatan Pergigian Daerah

ii-Send the form to your District Dental Officer (DDO) along with supporting documents. including marriage cert, medical record (if available)
iii- Your DDO will submit your application to the State Deputy Director of Health (Dental).
iv- All submission would be directed to:


Ketua Setiausaha,
Bahagian Sumber Manusia,
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia,
Unit Pengurusan & Profesional,
Aras 9 & 10, Blok E7, Kompleks E, Presint 1,
62590 Putrajaya.

and a copy to:

Pengarah Kanan Kesihatan Pergigian
Program Kesihatan Pergigian
Aras 5, Blok E10, Kompleks E, Presint 1
62590 Putrajaya.

How long does it take for an application to be approved?

All requests to transfer from one state to the other will be brought to the meetings held regularly every 3 months interval. If the application is approved, a letter will be issued to you by the Human Resources Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. Effective date of the change will be state on your transferal letter.

The validity of the application for transfer is 3 years. You need to re-apply after the expiry of the validity period.

Can a cancellation request for transfering be made?

You can submit a letter of cancellation to the Human Resources Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia through specific channels such as transfering requests.

Who should I contact if I want to know more about it?

For more information, please contact the Management & Professional, Human Resources Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia or visit

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