Malaysian Dental Council

Malaysian Dental Council is a statutory body established under the Dental Act 1971.

The functions of the Malaysian Dental Council are:

 Registration of dental practitioners;
 Issuance of Annual Practising Certificates and Temporary Practising Certificates;
 Maintenance of the Malaysian Dental Register in two parts i.e. Division I and Division II;
 Upholding and maintaining professional standards and ethics in the practice of dentistry; and exercising disciplinary jurisdiction over any registered practitioner who violates the code of professional conduct or who has committed an offence against the Dental Act 1971.

The Council consists of twenty-four (24) members. They are:

 The President - The Director-General of Health Malaysia;
 The Registrar - The Director of Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia;
 Six (6) appointed dental surgeons from among staff of the dental faculties of institutions of higher learning;
 Six (6) appointed dental surgeons;
 Six (6) elected dental surgeons resident in Peninsular Malaysia;
 One (1) elected dental surgeon resident in Sabah;
 One (1) elected dental surgeon resident in Sarawak;
 One (1) elected Registered Dentist resident in Peninsular Malaysia; and
 One (1) elected Registered Dentist resident in Sabah or Sarawak.


A senior officer in the Ministry of Health is appointed by the President as the Secretary of the Council.

For further details, please visit the Council's website at


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