Guidelines of Programme and Activity



(Guidelines) Implementation Of Dental Public Health Specialist Unit      
(SOP) Operasi Piawai Rawatan Asas Pergigian 2020 (Guidelines) Tahap Kesakitan Sebagai Tanda Vital Kelima (P5VS) (Guidelines) Oral Healthcare For Preschool Children
Handbook: Dental Public Health Grooming Programme SOP: Tooth Brush Practice Guidelines: Implementation "Program Ikon Gigi" Guidelines: Endodontic Dental services in Primer Clinics
Manual: Fluoride Varnish Programme For Toddlers Guidelines: Primary Prevention and Early Detection of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorder and Oral Cancers Manual: School Based Fluoride Mouth Rinsing Programme Guidelines on The Use of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) In Government Dental Facilities
A Standard Operating Procedure for Ministry of Health Dental Clinics: Management of Periodontal Conditions in Primary Oral Healthcare Clinics Guidelines: Garis Panduan Perlaksanaan Klinik Pergigian Mesra Promosi Guideline for Occupational Safety and Health in the Dental Laboratory Garis Panduan Penutupan Klinik Pergigian Sekolah
(SOP) Standard Operating Procedure Klinik Pergigian Bergerak (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure Makmal Pergigian Bergerak (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure Pergerakan, Penjagaan dan Keselamatan Aset Bagi Perkhidmatan Pergigian Outreach Guidelines on The Use Of Glass Ionomer Cements
Guidelines For Occupational Safety and Health in the Dental Laboratory 2nd Edition Guidelines Primary Prevention and Early Detection of Oral Precancer and Cancer 2002 Guidelines Oral Health Care for the Elderly in Malaysia 2002 Guidelines on Oral Healthcare for Pre-School Children 2003
Guidelines A School-Based Fissure Sealant Programme 2003 Oral Healthcare for Antenatal Mothers 2004 Oral Healthcare for Children with Special Needs (Guidelines for Implementation) 2004 Implementation of Water Fluoridation Programme in Malaysia 2006
Guidelines Early Childhood Oral Healthcare 2008 The Dental Public Health Specialist in the Ministry of Health Malaysia 2010 Penggunaan Fasiliti
KKM bagi latihan Lapangan Pelajar Pergigian 2011
Garis Panduan Program Kesihatan Pergigian untuk Guru Pelatih 2011
Oral Healthcare for Schoolchildren in Malaysia 2006 Oral Healthcare For The Elderly In Malaysia 2014 Operation Manual For Dental Officer And Dental Nurses Standardization And Calibration On Gingival Index For Schoolchildren
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