Vision, Mission, Objectives & Role


A nation working together for better health.


To lead and work in partnership.
To facilitate and support the people to:
• Attain fully their potential in health
• Appreciate health as a valuable asset
• Take individual responsibility and positive action for their health

To ensure a high quality system that is:
• Equitable
• Affordable
• Efficient
• Technologically appropriate
• Environmentally adaptable
• Customer centered
• Innovative

With emphasis on:
• Professionalism, caring and teamwork value
• Respect for human dignity
• Community participation


To improve the oral health status of the population through the provision of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative dental services, with special emphasis given to identified priority groups in such a way that the oral health status of the nation will continually be in conformity with the socio-economic progress of the country.


• Formulation and development of policies related to the oral health of the population
• Management of oral health which includes planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluation of oral healthcare
• Promotion of oral health to ensure continual improvement of the oral health population
• Enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations pertaining to the practice of dentistry


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